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Pharmaceutical Form
Packed in white hard gelatin capsules imprinted with the words Dorofen® and liptis

-D Glucosamine Sulphate (brand LGS862) : 500 mg
-Standardized Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract : 50 mg
Dorofen® is an exclusive formulation that supplies the body with glucosamine, the necessary building block for the maintenance of the synovial fluid in the joints that keeps them healthy and moving comfortably. Thus, Dorofen®  prevents the progression of osteoarthritis and restores the physiological balance again between the tear and wear of the cartilage in the joints due to walking and moving for rebuilding the deteriorated cartilage. Ginkgo flavonoids in Dorofen® improves the circulation particularly in the muscles to enhance and promote pain free walking especially in elderly patients who suffer from insufficient circulation in the calf muscles .
After oral administration, 98% of the Glucosamine component & 75% of the EGb component of Dorofen® is absorbed from the GIT
Peak serum concentration is achieved after 1-2 hours.
Glucosamine quickly entered into all tissues including cartilage reaching a maximum at 8 h.
About 50% was excreted as CO2; 40% was excreted in the urine; and only 2% of the administered dose ended up feces..
Therapeutic indications:
 Dorofen® is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis of knees, hips, shoulders, vertebral column or any other joint and in the treatment of intermittent claudication from peripheral vascular disease ( interruption of blood circulation in legs muscles)
Dose and Method of Administration: 
Dorofen®   is usually taken one capsule after food three times a day until improvement is achieved which usually takes 2-4 Weeks, depending on the degree of deterioration in the affected joints, then the dosage may be reduced to one or two capsules a day for maintenance, as recommended by the doctor