Skeletal Muscle Relaxant

Pharmaceutical Form
Extended release capsule

Cyclobenzaprine 30mg
Prinorelax provides muscle relaxation centrally by stimulating release of Nor Epinephrine (NE) by activating a small part in Spinal Cord called "locus ceruleus", Nor Epinephrine (NE) has an inhibitory action on ( motor neuron) which in turn affects Extrafusal muscle fibers leading to muscle relaxation
-In a single-dose study comprised of healthy adult males (n=l5), the dose adjusted ratios of the arithmetic means of AUC indicated that exposure of the
Cyclobenzaprine 30 mg was about 16% and 10% higher than that of Cyclobenzaprine 15 mg,  respectively.
-The dose-adjusted ratios of the arithmetic means of Cmax indicated that the peak plasma concentration of Cyclobenzaprine 30 mg was about 20% higher than that of Cyclobenzaprine 15 mg.
-The half-lives and time to peak plasma cyclobenzaprine concentration were similar for both Cyclobenzaprine15 mg and 30 mg.

Therapeutic indications:

Skeletal muscle relaxant which relieves muscle spasm of local origin without interfering with muscle function. indicated as an adjunct to rest and physical therapy for relief of muscle spasm associated with acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions.
Improvement is manifested by relief of muscle spasm and its associated signs and symptoms, namely, pain, tenderness, and limitation of motion.

Dose and Method of Administration:

Once daily

 Pregnancy and Lactation:
No adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women