Chronic Constipation

Pharmaceutical Form
Dispersible Powder

-Psyllium Husk Fibers
The powdered husks of flea seeds (ripe seeds of different plantago species, e.g. Plantago psyllium, also called ispaghula) are used as bulking mucilloids. The water-soluble psyllium fibres mainly consist of indigestible polysaccharides. Taken with plenty of fluids, psyllium leads to the increase of the fecal mass; the stool becomes softer and peristalsis is stimulated. This eventually also causes a reduction of intraluminal rectosigmoid pressure. Psyllium fibres bind bile acids, which causes increased bile acid excretion. This causes an increased hepatic synthesis of bile acids and a certain reduction of blood cholesterol levels.
 Therapeutic indications:
•    Effective in restoring intestinal regularity to prevent constipation
•    Maintains lipid profile parameters in hyperlipidemic patients
•    Decreased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)  
Dose and Method of Administration:
•    Mix the powder with full glass of water or juice
•    Stir briskly and drink promptly
If mixture thickens, add more water or other fluid and stir
     Adults and Children 12 years old
-Mix 1 tablespoon with glass of water or other fluid up to 3 times daily
     Children 6 -11 years
-1/2 adult dose in glass of water or juice  up to 3 times daily

- Pregnancy and Lactation:

Safe to be used during pregnancy and lactation